Art by Bev
Contemporary Canadian Painting

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There are some who wander through the night Guiding angels through their sight There are some who hold palettes and do not speak Throwing colour around and life they seek And then there are those who can express Desireless beings who life caress They have the gift, creative lore Have understanding from the core Those are the ones that guide the rest Knowing how to bring out their best Bev, you’re one that’s on the top Teaching all of us at your art workshop
Shamai - 23 Sep 2020
Bev, From many classes with you, I start to love modern abstract art, or just this style of art. It represents image of the world in the heart of artist. It is not simple copy of real world. that is ART! love your works very much.
ling kang - 20 May 2016
Hi Bev, just visiting your site and wanted to let you know that I love Rush Hour....I had not seen it before. Absolutely Beautiful!
Romina C. - 21 Jan 2012
Very much enjoyed the art expo on Sunday at the Dollart Art Center. Please inform me of any workshops or future classes on acrylic. Thanks!
Francine Bidal-St-Aubin - 16 Jan 2012
Hi Bev, I just looove all your paintings and your website! It is very user-friendly... Keep on sharing your knowledge and talent with others, You're always inspiring!!! Thank you for teaching me :-)
Dominique Harvey - 29 Oct 2011
Nice artworks !
Elmadani Belmadani - 22 Aug 2011
We enjoyed looking at the gallery of pictures from the comfort of our own home. Richard and Mary Hunt have certainly improved in the past weeks, thanks to your excellent tuition.
Leslie and Catherine Hughes - 4 Apr 2011
Thank you for the wonderful gallery of paintings - so varied and beautiful to behold! It is good to see there are so many budding artists passionate about their work.
Catherine Chase - 30 Mar 2011
Great website! great art! I always look forward to my Wednesday art classes!
Helene Braunstein - 28 Mar 2011
My mother, Sheila is taking lessons with you in Beaconsfield on Wednesdays. She raves about you. It was wonderful to meet you at the Open House. Thank you for inspiring my mother.
Valerie Knott Douglas - 24 Mar 2011
Beautiful art and a great website, Bev. Lovely to meet you, many thanks for the book! Our new addition will love it! Many thanks, Scott and Sacha
Scott Bosman - 8 Sep 2010
Hi Bev, You know I love your work. I'll try to visit the gallery. You have been busy!!!!Thanks for the invite
Ann Oles - 7 Jul 2010
Whispering thicket is one of my favourites. I wish I could own them all. Great job Bev!
Jan McLellan - 24 Jun 2010
I love your gallery, I own a picture/card your beautiful Rush Hour; I'm curious to know what it says on the right side of your picture; it's to small for me me to read. thanks and keep being inspirated!
mrs. primeau - 27 Feb 2010
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