Art by Bev
Contemporary Canadian Painting

 Bev's Brief Bio

 “Lucid emotion through color and line, the fusion of figure and abstraction delineates how the world may be interpreted and painted with more than one brush. The blending of figure and line is interpreted through sight, thought and imagination."

Notable historic influences include the Abstract Expressionist movement. Kandinsky, Diego Rivera and Turners’s canvases lend line, stark reality and romanticism to the artists’ interpretation of her subject.   Not one to re-create the style or intent of others, Wight’s artwork is defined by movement and emotion.  Her objective now is life in its intensities, with movement as the central focus.  She never gives up the hope that someday she will be as satisfied with the result as with the process.”

C. Ascher-Curator Galerie de la Ville

Wight’s artwork is purchased by private collectors in the United States, France, eastern Europe, Montreal and the rest of Canada.  Her work adorns the walls of both corporations and businesses.  Bev has shown in such noteworthy places as Lincoln Centre, New York, and has been purchased by The Colart Collection in Montreal.  She regularly sits on many art adjudicating committees. Wight has been in solo and group shows and continues to do so today.