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(posted on 22 Aug 2018)

Whether it's your first time or first time touching your brushes after a beautiful summer, it's almost time to let your joy speak on canvas. .....or paper ;  )

(posted on 16 Jul 2018)

Mix drawing elements with a little color and a little paint..

(posted on 2 Jul 2018)

Try to draw using no eraser and joining your ideas. You might create your own story.

(posted on 1 Feb 2016)

Paint it. Call it Bye Bye Winter. Send it to me😊

(posted on 17 Jan 2016)

Sometimes you have to draw...and use green. Ya just have to..Happy 2016

(posted on 9 Nov 2015)

Sorry I have been away too long. Am back

A powerful symbol. We have a proud history of military service in my family.

(posted on 27 Sep 2015)

Who knows when or why each person chooses to disengage with their imagination?

Such a powerful tool should be fostered by its keeper.

This is a Play Doh cake made by a very talented five year old.

Try to access your inner five year old. Your work just might be playful and colourful.

(posted on 20 Sep 2015)

It takes courage to start. Start with yourself, even if it is not perfect. You will learn so much just by looking.

Self Portrait Graphite on paper.

(posted on 7 Sep 2015)

Ron Wight circa 1978 Oil on canvas 16 x 24

If you have a mother or father who is or was a painter it helps.

My dad has long passed but his paintings live in the hearts of many family members.

Reason enough to paint.

It is a great legacy for your family and for the world.

6 x 8 inch watercolor sketch 2012

How do you find subjects to paint?

This question is asked of professional artists on a regular basis, and there is not only one answer to the question, no matter how unique the artist is perceived.

Quick answer. Observe. Slow answer. Think. Make sketches or write down ideas, however unlikely. We will go on this journey together.

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